hi im sofa

(Discord: GayPigeons#4145)

whats a sofa

  • she/her

  • artist (allegedly)

  • furry

  • cares too much about ships

I love talking to people but I'm not good at it. I try but I'm sorry if you expect a response and I give an odd one or none at all.

FUB free but unless we interacted often I may not realize I’ve been softblocked and think I forgot to follow/accidentally pressed unfollow.

ANYWAYS hi I love Idols, children's anime and animals.

  • Level 5 series (Inazuma Eleven, Danball Senki, Professor Layton, Youkai Watch)

  • Digimon

  • Pokemon/Pokespe

  • The Lego Movies, Ninjago

  • Ikuhara Anime

  • Tokyo 7th Sisters

  • 8 Beat Story

  • Pretty Series (RL and Kinpri atm)

  • SideM (Casually into the rest of [email protected])

  • Dankira

QoP, Sanbonribbon, SoL

Mofumofuen, Sai, Café Parade

Wait no I love literally everyone in RL and Kinpri

Toxic, BMC, Etoile

I won’t bother with a DFI but I do use the block and mute buttons liberally. (This includes blockchains)

I do enjoy what would be considered “problematic content”, but I keep it to my locked account @naookamura (open to follow request)

That said I despise a majority of anti vs proship discourse as both “sides” are tiring and I’m just here to have a good time. Honestly as long as you don’t mind the fact that I’m into dark fiction we’re good.

Side note: Please do not involve me with anything about astrology or MBTI.